What is the effect of Baskervilja?

Октябрь 2nd, 2012

This term marks out a phenomenon of a lethal fright. In the story of sir Arthur Conan Doyle «Dog of Baskervilej» about legendary Sherlock Holmes sir Charlz Baskervil perishes from the heart attack caused by the strong psychological distress. According to the American sociologist, doctor David Filipsa, people really can be frightened to death. Doctor Filips considers that there is an obvious connection between a powerful psychological distress and lethal heart attack. He speaks: «I remember that in„ the Dog of Baskervilej “sir Charlz Baskervil perishes as a result of the lethal heart attack explicitly caused by pavor of death at the sight of a dog. As Arthur Conan Doyle was the doctor, and not just the writer it is interesting, its story on hospital intuition or on literary fiction was grounded, that is really there is a connection between stress and heart attack or is not present?»

Though numerous laboratory investigations have demonstrated that the stress is followed by cardiovascular changes, for the clear ethical parents of patients during probes nevertheless did not frighten to death. Ground moderate stresses cannot be spotted, a leah really after a powerful shock follows lethal heart attack. According to doctor Filipsa, «it was difficult to discover a method of checkout of these hypotheses owing to the ethical problems connected to laboratory testas. Probably, realisation of experiments in vivo, that is in the real vital situation corresponding to certain measure would be the best solution. At first, real life events have psychologic action on one people, and on others are not present. Besides, it should not be lethally dangerous event, it should be perceived only as that».

Doctor Filips has discovered such event. This stressful factor has been connected to the Chinese and Japanese superstition. On kantonskom a dialect of the Chinese tongue and in Japanese tongue of a word "death" and "four" sound almost equally. As a result number «4« causes offensive feels and sad presentiments in many Chineses and Japanese. Therefore digit "4" misses on labels with titles of some Chinese and Japanese streets, on levels and in hotel rooms, in the menu of restaurants and in phone numbers. Besides, in labels of planes of the Air Forces of China also there is digit "4" because of association with death.

Doctor Filips has discovered that at Americans of the Chinese and Japanese parentage of pikes of death from heart diseases it is necessary for the fourth month of year that it is not watched among Americans of the european parentage. Doctor Filips has learnt death certificates more than 200 thousand Americans of the Chinese both Japanese parentage and 47 million white Americans from 1973 on 1998 He tells the following:« Konan Doyle guesses that sir Charlz Baskervil has been specially subject to the heart attacks caused by stresses as suffered affliction a heart chronic disease. If Doyle was fed by hospital intuition the spike of death from chronic heart diseases among Americans of the Chinese and Japanese parentage should have on the fourth number. Superstitious pavor of sir Charlza Baskervilja before revenge in a fashion of a terrible dog parted and its neighbours boosted. Similarly the Chinese and Japanese superstitious pavors, was interquartile, even more strongly when they are boosted by the environmental population ».

The evidences presented by doctor Filipsom, affirm both these guesses. Americans of the Chinese and Japanese parentage on 13 % have more than death from heart diseases it is necessary for the fourth month. And in California where the Chinese and Japanese population is centred, on 27 % there are more than death from heart diseases it is necessary on the fourth number. Doctor Filips has learnt 9 of alternative, not psychosomatic explanations of the facts discovered by it, including a capability of that the fourth number Chineses and Japanese change a diet, drink more alcohol, are failed from drugs or overstress itself. And he has come to a conclusion that data of probes guess connection retention between a psychological distress and cordial приступами42.

Annually in Australia three persons when test for serviceability a 9-volt battery perish, touching tongue it контактов43.

In 1998 142 Australians were wounded, because have not pulled out all pins from new рубашек43.

Annually 58 Australians are traumatised, using instead of screwdrivers acute ножи43.

For a continuance in 1993 on 2000 31 Australian has perished because that has watered a Christmas X-tree when illumination on it was включена43.

Three years prior to 2000 19 Australians have perished because that have eaten Christmas-tree decorations, having considered them шоколадными43.

The Australian hospitals have reported in 1999 about four events of fractures of the arms which have happened in a starting time петард43.

In a continuance between 1997 and 2000 101 Australian have deleted from a base surface of stack chunks broken plastic игрушек43.

In 1998 18 Australians severe combustions when mounted a new pull-over have got and held down thus in a mouth fired сигарету43.

In 1997 and 1998 543 Australians were wounded, trying to unclose beer bottles cogs or глазницами43.

In 1998 5 Australians were traumatised as a result of casualties when at competitions slotkary[12] have quitted from under контроля43.

In 1997 in 8 Australians have discovered the skull cracks, the resulted losses of consciousness during vomiting in туалете43.

Brown grease well burns. Presumptively, the people resorting to voluntary self-incinerating, had is unusual a high level of brown grease in an organism. Therefore people were literally inflamed.

The probability to be slayed by fragments from a cosmos constitutes 1:5 billion

The probability to be slayed by a dog constitutes 1:700 thousand

The probability to perish as a result of slope from a bed constitutes 1:2 million

If today we had a same mortality rate, as in 1900 half of the people living now, would be dead.

Truth, what dead people prolong to move?

Октябрь 2nd, 2012

(James Marr, Beksli, the New Southern Wales, Australia) asks

Really, dead commit any motions within several hours after death, there will not set in yet a cadaveric spasm. But even after that it is possible to note any motions.

Each driving committed by us is an effect of electrochemical processes. Chemicals are stored in nerve terminations and selected during a small time after death. Sometimes it causes driving sokratitelnyh muscles the light bounce of extremities therefore is watched. Doctor Erin Kram reduces an event with the policeman slayed in перестрелке41. Within 3 h. Its colleagues tried to reach it as saw that at it legs are jerked and one arm moves. When at last they managed to reach a skew field and to tolerate it to safe place, it has appeared that the policeman has gained two bullets in a head and has perished instantaneously. Usually in such events the bounce of legs and clutch of setpins of arms is watched. But it primely chemical reaction at which one the muscular tissue reacts to receivable stimulation though it does not radiate from an operating brain.

Refuting many urban legends, I can tell that corpses do not sit on desktops in a morgue and do not start to speak. However, before embalming began to practise, expansion of tissues of a corpse caused a gas lock and could lead to casual driving of a leg, an arm or to head turning movement. Sometimes even the stone when air quitted a skew field through vocal chords was distributed.

Prolongs life the content of a domestic animal?

Октябрь 1st, 2012

(James Rajkar, Engadajn, the New Southern Wales, Australia) asks

There is a flock of testimonies of that the content of the house pupil helps to bunk more longly. On the findings of investigation, led over a check group from 75 persons, domestic animals have reduced hazard of illnesses and death approximately on 50 %.

Domestic animals help to avoid sense of loneliness, tender us the unlimited love and at the same time are acquisitive to our love. We, people, gregarious and emotional animals, it is required both to give us love, and to gain it. And more domestic animals help to be relaxed perfectly. In a company of people the such is not always possible. Domestic animals can boost you physical. For example, when it is required to walk a dog, you quit on walk together with it. On findings of investigation of Ministry of Health of the USA, domestic animals help to persist to the people who have tolerated heart attacks: 28 % of the patients having domestic animals, persist after severe heart attacks, and among those who has no domestic animals, 6 % persist only. During other probe it has been installed that at holders of domestic animals cholesterine level on 2 % more low, than at who does not have domestic animals. At first sight it not too is a lot of, however the hazard of heart attacks drops on 4 %. And one more probe has demonstrated that at holders of domestic animals the arterial pressure drops in the same way as at those who eats malosolenuju nutriment and uses not enough alcohol. Other probe has taped: in retirement homes where «therapy by domestic animals» is used, the expenditure of the directed medicines considerably contracts. According to Service of insurance of older persons, 40 % of the older persons having domestic animals, are converted to doctors much less often, than the older persons which do not have house zhivotnyh37-40.

What has slayed Dudley Moore?

Октябрь 1st, 2012

Dudley Moore was born in 1935, and he has perished in 2002 For the first time has gained international notoriety in 1960th, appearing in a comedy duet with Peter Cook. Later it has acquired still major glory as the king of episodes in such films, as «10», "Arthur", «Insincerely yours», and in many other things. Moore has perished from rare, little-known and absolutely killer disease which one is termed progressing nadjadernyj a paralysis (HSI). The last years the career it has acquired reputation of the unreliable person. His name figured in the unattractive stories connected to drink driving and various matrimonial problems. First was considered that all it is connected to alcohol, but similar behaviour could explain and the HSI diagnosis. This illness slowly deprives a skew field of the muscular control. And more it is connected to other illnesses slowly destroying a brain, such as illness of Parkinsona, Alzheimer’s disease and illness of propulsion neuron. Illness of Parkinsona suffered affliction actor Michael Dzh. Fox, the former General public prosecutor of the USA Zhanet Rino, and also father John Pavel II. The former US president Ronald Reagan suffered affliction Alzheimer’s disease.

The medicine desperately tries to perceive character of the HSI and to discover treatment methods, but Moore these tryings to salvage could not any more. Disability to hold down equal balance was the maiden symptom which one was noted by Moore. He also noted that setpins arduously obey him at a play on the piano. In September, 1997 to Moore have made a heart operation, however symptoms only were boosted. Suffering affliction from them within five years, he has solved that they are connected to alcohol intake. In January, 1998 Moore was converted behind the help to doctors. He already could not play any more the favourite piano, arduously talked and could transit only very small spacing intervals. World-best specialists needed 13 months to instal a final diagnosis – progressing nadjadernyj a paralysis.

Except physicians very few people though something knows about this illness. It is still termed Steel’s illness – Richardson – Olshevsky, on surnames of three doctors who have discovered it. The HSI really rare illness: till 1999 was considered that to it only one person from 100 thousand is ill However during the probe led in Great Britain, has been installed that this illness suffer affliction about 6,4 persons on 100 thousand 31 According to doctor Stephen Rejcha, the doctor treating Dudley of Moore at hospital school of Johnes Hopkins in Baltimore, «as the maiden symptoms of the HSI feeble enough and unstrand within several years, doctors usually delay with the diagnosis. And even at appearance of symptoms to patients often put erratic diagnoses, such as illness of Parkinsona, Alzheimer’s disease, a drunkenness and even diseases of an interior ear» 32. The maiden symptoms of the HSI include slopes, difficulties at walking, the bad equal balance and blanket retardation of movements. Suffering affliction HSIS can be in trouble also with swallowing; from it also perish the majority of victims of the HSI. They finally lose capability to engorge (dysphagia) and usually choke (dysarthtia). According to doctor H. R.Morrisa and its colleagues, at the HSI «corrupting of neurons is connected to accumulating giperfosforilirovannyh tau-protein, such as nejrofibrilljarnye plexuses» 33. It can be compared to "short circuit" which one happens in "electric circuit" of nerves of a brain because of "zasorov" from the collected remainders of protein. The more "zasory", the it becomes more difficult to attain to cues of a brain skew field muscles so, and is much more difficult to check motions. A major puzzle for scientists is that causes clumps of remainders of protein and as it is possible to shut down and turn back this process.

However the HSI parent, was possiblly, will be soon specific. The Spanish scientists under the direction of the doctor M.Ezkerry have reported about selection of that, in their judgement, is the defective gene causing ПНП34. Scientists also have installed: the remainders of protein which are "choking up" a brain at the HSI, are identical to the remainders, hindering brain operation at illness of Parkinsona, Alzheimer’s disease and illness of propulsion neuron. There is a probability that treatment of one of these illnesses will give and in treatment of the remaining.

Almost about the day of death of Dudley Moore tried to joke concerning the tragical illness. In September, 1999 when to it have diagnosed the HSI, he has told: «I perceive that I one, suffering affliction this illness, on 100 thousand persons, but I as well the liveryman of film actors which one includes 100 thousand the persons working every day. Also I think, in any sense it is possible to consider that I have undertaken on this illness to save from such tragical fate of remaining 99 999 liverymen of film actors». You always lived laughing, repose with the world, Dudley Mur35, 36.

What is the illness of propulsion neuron?

Сентябрь 30th, 2012

It is mysterious illness, we know about it very little. From this illness suffer affliction about 1,4 thousand Australians, it is incurable. Daily it slays one Australian.

Illness of propulsion neuron (BDN) is actually bunch of the diseases attacking propulsion neurons main and a spinal marrow. Propulsion neurons are the excitatory cells through which one the brain sends cues to muscles in the form of electric pulses. Corrupting of propulsion neurons leads to weakening and attrition of muscles. Usually this process begins in arms and legs and in one bunches of muscles transits livelier, than in others. Some people have wilt and attrition of face muscles and a throat that causes problems with speech, impedes chewing and swallowing. Surprisingly, but BDN does not attack touch, taste, sight, olfaction or audition, and also does not influence directly an urinary bladder, an intestine or sexual function. In most cases the intelligence also remains unaffected.

Early symptoms BDN the feeble. There are problems with walking, wilt in arms, difficulties with deduction of subjects, difficulties with equal balance saving, unintelligibility of speech and a problem with swallowing. Symptoms are boosted as muscles decay as a result of corrupting of activating them of neurons more and more. Usually BDN in the beginning attacks one finiteness, and it is then spread on all skew field. Unusual convulsive abbreviation of muscles is sometimes watched. It is a sign of that the lower propulsion neurons are damaged.

Parent BDN is unknown. Various theories in the capacity of guess the parents: viruses, action of toxines and the chemicals containing in a surrounding medium, violation of functions of immune system, an unchecked protein degradation and presenilation of propulsion neurons. However all these theories disputable. The heredity too can be considered as the factor of originating BDN, but, was interquartile, only the insignificant factor. A genetic relation exists only in 10 % of events BDN. In 1993 it was revealed that the particular gene on a chromosome 21 mutated only at 15–20 % of the patients who are suffering affliction BDN.

The illnesses connected with BDN, the progressing muscular atrophy, a progressing bulbar paralysis and an original lateral sclerosis are. BDN has also other titles, in its USA term an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, illness of Lu Geriga, and now also Stephen Hokinga’s illness. Lu Gerig was the well-known American baseball player in initiations of the last century. He played baseball within 17 years, with 1923 on 1939 Maiden bejsmen[11] the well-known  team «New York Jankiz», Gerig has become famous for smooth, but powerful shocks. Despite injuries and illnesses, Gerig has won back without a time-out of 2130 matches. This reaching remains unsurpassed within 56 years. In an initiation of a season of 1939 Gerig began to note that at it the head when he tries to stand endways is turned, and that it cannot is more narrow so strongly as before, to beat and launch a ball that response at it was decelerated. Assayings have discovered in it BDN. His career of the player has concluded, and days of life were are considered. On July, 4th Gerig has said goodbye to fans at stadium "Янкиз". It is one of the most touching scenes in the history of sport. Gerig, knowing that he is doomed, with teardrops in the face of has thanked fans who stormy maintained him during 17 seasons. He has told: «Dear fans, the last two weeks you read about the killer disease which has attacked me. But today I feel the happiest person on the Earth». It is very sad, but in two years he has perished.

BDN does not attack reason. The witness of it is Stephen Hoking. The physicist from the Cambridge university, the author «Shortest history of a time» of 29 and other books, struggles with BDN since 1963 It primely improbably. Its active brain spawns idealised ideas much better, than any friction socket plashes a cobweb. Now it is chained to an invalid chair, however Hoking not always was such helpless. He recalls that though it never and was not the good sportsman, it nevertheless shared in student’s competitions in Oxford. During the third year of study he has noted, began what to impinge often for not clear parents. A year later shortly after it has celebrated the 21st birthday, Hokingu have diagnosed BDN. He has felt shock, having heard that at it an incurable disease, but has solved to struggle with it. Hoking has advocated the thesis for a doctor’s degree in field of physics and now holds the same post which one was occupied once in Cambridge with sir Isaak the Newton – the higher professor of mathematics. He has bunked with BDN more than 2/3 lives. So BDN is not a death penalty. Definitely is надежда30.

Why all are afraid of a leprosy?

Сентябрь 30th, 2012

(Asks S.Vans, Orindo, California, the USA)

Leprosy still term as Hanssen’s illness or a lepra. This one of the most serious infectious diseases. There are two forms of a leprosy: tuberculoid and lepromotoznaja. Both types are considered completely curable since 1950

Leprosy – the oldest in the world disease, its events are registered in 1350 BC Negative attitude to it was watched throughout all history of mankind. People a little that knew about this disease to the midpoint of XIX century though and today not all is known to medicine about lepra origins.

In the core the leprosy is spread in tropical countries. According to World Health Organization, in the end of 2003 all over the world numbered 460 thousand the patients treated for a leprosy. And in March, 2005 the World Health Organization has declared that «in the last two days the total quantity of the taped events of a leprosy prolongs considerably to drop (approximately on 20 % a year)» 27, 28.

Today only one person from 2 mlrd is higher 116 years.

From women-twins Kim Narita and Gin Kanie have most longly bunked. They were born in Japan on August, 1st, 1892 by Kim has perished from heart attack in January, 2000 at the age of 107 years.

Among trojnjashek most longly there lived Fejt, Huop and Chariti which were born in the Elm-MOTH (State of Texas) on May, 18th, 1899 Maiden has perished Fejt. It happens in October, 1994, she was 95 years old.

Among chetvernjashek most longly there lived Adolf and his sisters Anna-Maria, Emma and Elizabeth Ottman. They were born on May, 5th, 1912 Adolf has perished maiden in March, 1992, he was 79 years old.

There is no more ancient demonstrated relationship, than at the British professor Adriana Targetta. The assaying of its DNA has coincided with the assaying of DNA of a 9-thousand-year skeleton discovered in the English village Cheddar.

attacks a lightning doubly one person? Sullivan’s plenty, the forest guard from American state Virginia, the lightning attacked 7 times.

What happens at execution through hanging?

Сентябрь 29th, 2012

(R.Smith, Hamilton, Bermuda) asks

Many think that at execution through hanging the person perishes from suffocation, but it not so. The death in this case sets in from an injury of a top hamper of a spinal marrow, from a fracture or severe offset of a neck vertebra. In other words, the neck is simply fractured.

Throughout many centuries hanging was one of the most abundant types of execution. Till the end of 1700th while people have not invented more humane methods of execution, to the person simply outlined on a neck a rope and pushed off from small altitude.

Execution through hanging applied everywhere. For example, in England at the time of the American revolution[10]
by a crime meriting execution through hanging, theft of bread or poaching in the working scaffolds belonging лордам26 were considered.

Truth, what people are now more aggressive?

Сентябрь 29th, 2012

(Asks F.Billington, Storrs, Connecticut, the USA)

Our world seems such hostile. However, strangely enough, eagerness to fight of people actually drops. For XX century an amount of victims of operations have exceeded 100 million persons, more than 170 million persons have perished as a result of those or diverse activities of the governments. However the amount of the adult people who have perished during military operations, drops, specially in democratic countries. Anthropologist Lawrence G.Kili writes: «Archeological finds bear that, behind very rare exclusion, the majority of ancient civilisations almost permanently wared. Anyway, in the modern world it happens much less often. If in the ancient time as a result of wars perished at the average about 25 % of adult population approximately 200 years ago this digit already constituted less than 10 %» 24.

In judgement Lloyd de Moza, in the modern democratic countries less than 1 % of the perished adults are victims of military men действий25.

People by the nature are hostile or miroljubivy?

Сентябрь 29th, 2012

Apparently, for mankind the state of war, than a pattern is standard more likely. Some anthropologists state that almost each company, ancient or modern, regularly enough abided in a state of war. If to take into account both small nations, and huge countries, we, people, we war with each other it is almost unceasing during 5 thousand years (at least from 3200 BC and on the present). And the last century at all has not refined this sad statistics. After the termination of the Second World War of patterns became the witness more than 150 wars. And the Second World War was the bloodiest in the history of mankind. It has entrained lives of 45 million persons[9].

The anthropologist the doctor Kate Otterbejn already long time learns the nature of originating of wars. According to its theory, three requirements are indispensable for originating of military operations. Maiden – «finishing excessively», or «a surviving and hatred problem». It quickly leads to such conflictings as strife for nutriment or water, and also bears to withstanding between related bunches. Second – "narrowness" or «impossibility sosedstvovanija». These are the secondary parents of conflictings when people wish to capture adjacent lands which one are actually not too necessary to them for a surviving. Third – «war spawns war». Totals of past wars demonstrate people that war can be profitable, and they hope to acquire new natural resources, to enlarge the influencing, welfare and мощь23.

Exists presently a cannibalism?

Сентябрь 28th, 2012

The cannibalism, was interquartile, existed since appearance of the maiden people. In 1999 the French and American archeologists have discovered testimonies of a cannibalism among Neanderthal men in a cave in the southeast of France. To regions where there was a cannibalism, was interquartile, it is possible to refer West Indies, the Western and the Central Africa, Melanesia, Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand, Central America and the North America. On one of the archaeological decks in the southwest of the State of Colorado have discovered that testimony that here people slayed and ate each other still 850 years ago. Doctor Richard Marlar and its colleagues from hospital school at Koloradsky university have discovered thousand human bones on a row of the decks. Scientists have guessed that it is effect of a cannibalism.

The cannibalism could originate for many parents. Sometimes simply there was no meal. Later it has been connected to religion, magic, military sacramentals, crimes and punishments. If the warrior slayed the valiant enemy he, according to sacramental, should eat it and then in the winner bravery and force of the defeated enemy were installed. Such practice was termed endokannibalizm.

The mass cannibalism was watched among military men of hungry army of Napoleon retreating from Moscow in 1812 In 1816 people, persisted after ruin of a frigate "Medusa" and adrifting in life boats, ate those who has already decayed. The same was made also by members of expedition of Donnera whom spruces of dead passengers abided in a snow arrester in mounts Sierra-Nevada since winter of 1846 on 1847 In 1972 persisted after an air crash in the Andes.

One of the most known kannibalov is Frits Haarman, «the Hanover vampire». In 1924 in Germany it has slayed 27 boys, has prepared from their meat of sausage and has sold nothing to suspecting people. Jeffrey Damer from Michigan has become famous also, and also Armin Mejves from Germany – it has slayed and has eaten the person with whom it was acquainted on the Internet. Sometimes report about cannibalism events in the distant regions Papua – New Guinea and in the Central Africa.

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